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The Oh Beep! Geocaching Podcast is a family created show. We cover news, events and discuss geocaching related topics - all in a light hearted style. Hosting are Doctor D and Benignsource. Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving.

The Podcasts

This Week..

Moan-A-Lot joins us to share some of his Geocaching rants.

Rant 1.

People who don't log their finds on the listing site.

Doctor D finally moves on the Evil Feathers TB.

Ask Doctor D..

From Docfirewoman

How do you get your Geocaching mojo back?

Rant 2.

Lamp post Geocaches in the UK compared with the USA.

Rant 3.

Doctor D's poor attempts at Geocache maintenance.

Doctor D goes on strike, again, due to lack of quality Geocaches.

Rant 4.

We all hate multi's, but all our favourite Geocaches are multi's.

Rant 5.

The Geocaching app and other apps.

Rant 6.

Arrogant alarm clocks.

Rant 7.

Experienced Geocachers complaining about not being able to find your Geocache, which was an easy find for a first timer.

Rant 8.

People who complain co-ords are out, despite 120 people before finding the Geocache exactly where it was hidden.

Rant 9.

People putting Geocaches back where the THINK it should be hidden, despite the owners original intent.

Rant 10.

Why we don't like urban caches

Rant 11.

Reviewers who have their favourite Geocachers.

Rant 12.

Geocachers who will take to social media to complain but don't approach the person they have issue with directly.

Rant 13.

The Geocaching police.

Rant 14.

Buried Geocaches.

Rant 15.

Geocaching police who don't like people putting a new series in the same place as an archived series.

Find Moan-A-Lot at his Facebook group Geocachers Anonymous

Rant 16.

Logging Geocaches as a team.

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This Week...

Dannon, from Team Pugatch, joins us for discussion about Geocaching, his youtube channel and beer. Plus a lot more.

Check out Danno's Youtube channel, Get Lost! with Team Pugatch

Danno did a brilliant video advertising his appearance:

Follow Danno on Twitter at @dannopugatch

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Back in October 2013 the GeogearHeads podcast ( did an episode about the History of Podcasting ( This episode featured Rob Walch, from media hosting site Libsyn.

Without the above podcast episode there would be no Oh Beep! After hearing it, we had a "we can do that" mentality.

To take things full circle. Back in April 2016 DarrylW4 conducted a series of interview with geocaching podcasters. Profiling each one and why they do it. Those profiles were never released to the GGH feed.

This episode is the audio from the Oh Beep! session. The hope is that someone hearing this will have a "I can do that" moment and start their own podcast.

We'd like to thank the GeoGearHeads and DarrylW4 for all they have done to help us over the years.

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Another out and about episode. We attempt an 8 stage multi geocache, with the aid of the Geocaching Buddy app.

The Geocache:

GC3MZRH Jubilation by kitty baily.


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This week's show is recorded entirely out and about, whilst we're geocaching. Doctor D was given the task of find three geocaches using only screenshots from Google Earth.

First Geocache GC6GNJB - VS #635 Castle Donington A cache by rr300tdi

Second Geocache GC5W2KD REALLY SideTracked - Castle Donnington A cache by stuarthowe11

Third Geocache - GC5JVPZ Little Bridges #394 - Gloucestershire Homecoming by Teamtriplet 

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This Week..

Geocaching in Turkey

Pokemon Go

Last Week..

Geocaching in war torn Turkey 

The geocaches

GC5E5DH - T Kara N Kierons Olu Deniz Beach by blokiebloke

GC58WPV - Kieron N Karas Living Statues Fethiye by blokiebloke


Georgia man gets lost while 'geocaching' in the Everglades (from

Ask Dr D..

Geocaching or Pokemon Go?

Dumb Stuff Oh Beepers Do..

What country were we in?

Negotiations with market stall owners

Feel the wrath

Dr D’s Facts of the Uselessness..

The Obligatory Doctor Who Bit..

Tom Baker joins cast of Star Wars Rebels animated series -

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This Week…

Dr D shares his feelings about people with no pens

Live recording of Dr D tasting his number one rated hot chocolate

Last Week..

Geocaching with StaticJay and Moan-A-Lot:

GC5CRB6 Molten Glass Arrangement A cache by KaosCL

GC66CQA Prestwold Amble by PlasmaWave

The series consists of 27 caches in total including two mystery bonus's

Also attempted the Gravely Hollow series and StatocJay attempted GC32REK Cold War Cache by jacaru:

GC50YGN Gravelly Hollow #01 Bright Eyes A cache by glamrockangels


Changes to the placing of caches/events in the UK (From

Another bomb scare (From

Dr D’s Hot Chocolate Review...

Dumb Stuff Geocachers Do..

Get stuck (From Geocacher Rescued By Fire Brigade

Archive “classic” caches without considering putting them up for adoption.

Here are the steps to transfer the ownership of your geocache:

  1. Log in to your Geocaching account and visit the adoption page.
  2. Enter the GC code (GCXXX) and click "Lookup"
  3. Enter the username of the new owner and click "Go"
  4. Click on "Send Adoption Request"
  5. The potential new cache owner will receive an email.

Where to list your caches for adoption

Ask Dr D..

From ScrapCat…

How does Dr D feel about people who "forgot their pens" so they didn't sign the log but claims the find?

GGH Tips…

When approaching a Chamber of Commerce or Tourism Bureua for support of your #geocaching event or trail, have numbers ready for how it can help the local businesses. Craig of the West Bend Chamber of Commerce shared their experience on GGH196 and that's a good place to start. You can find that through the link to the show notes below;

Cache Or Trash…

A logbook (bit of paper), in a plastic bag, wedges into the crack of a wall.  No container.

Challenge Dr D…

He didn’t place a cache for the visit of StaticJay

What’s Murphy Been Up To…

Met some new cow friends.

Dr D’s Facts of the Uselessness…


The Obligatory Doctor Who Bit..

Dalek sells for record 38k (From

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The weeks show features Dave DeBaeremaeker, worldwide geocaching legend and Canadian. We discuss his road trip across Canada.   

Check out his blog Only Googlebot Reads This Blog at

Dave defines the Canadian phrase hoser

Bob & Doug, ice rinks, depression siphon

New Top Gear or old Top Gear - has to be old for Dave.

Discussion about Dave's photography during the trip.

The zombie geocache:


Discussion about Lego minifigs

Relevant links:

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This Week..

Whereigo in Nottingham

Dr D thinks like a lady

Last Week..

Found our 900th geocaching GC5R2HJ Pandora's Puzzles #1: Magic Box by kelex

Whereigo GC5T15F  Robin Hood Adventure by SkyBluesBazza & Spire67

News.. How to Build an Active, Outdoor Lifestyle With Your Kids  also the book

"Bomb" in the tree turns out to be Geocache (From


From Seb Mya

Hi! I have a request for advice.

I'll be in the area Lincoln-Sheffield-Nottingham. Any caches worth recommendation? Any I must do?

GCG0G7 Lady Chatterley's Cache by BountyHunter1


GC3BRKM Nottingham Central Library by jacaru

GC32REK Cold War Cache by jacaru

GCMJKZ Fairey Battle by Fleetwinders adopted by John + Carol

GC2024 Major Oak by Lozsing & Richard

Ask Dr D..

Hey guys! Doc Firewoman here. I had a question I thought would be good for ask Dr. D. I'm sure I'm not the only lady geocacher out there who geocaches alone a lot of the time.

And that got me to thinking about safety.

So I'm curious what tips for women geocachers Dr. D might have to stay safe out there.

Saying hello from Arkansas.

Thanks y'all

I'm going to the whoop the hell plumb outta you

GeoPauls Video Of The Week..


Geocaching Kaity

Cache or Trash..

Is this a real Geocache.

Hidden in a spy restaurant in America. You need a password to enter the building. Once in you get to explore hidden passageways, bookcases that are doors and sections of the Berlin Wall. The Geocache container itself is an ammo can.

GGH Tips..

One of the tips on "GGH 202: Randomize XXXIX" was the option to lock your trackables. Scrapcat shared that tip which prevents any further logging of a trackable you own (like when it's number gets posted to social media and you're flooded with logs). Read more in her blog post (follow the link to the show notes) and check out that episode for many more tips.

Challenge Doctor D..

January - Find and log on 5 geocachee

February - Find and log at least one geocache from an alternative listing site

March - Get rid of his new trackable, at an event/geocache and NOT at the bottom of the River Trent

April - Hide a geocache for StaticJay to find when comes over later in the month

Dr D’s Facts of the Uselessness..

The Obligatory Doctor Who Bit..

The BBC has announced the cast for the new Doctor Who Spin off, Class, as the series begins filming today.

The eight part series will star young new talentsGreg Austin, Fady Elsayed, Sophie Hopkinsand Vivian Oparah.

They will be joined by Katherine Kelly, as she takes the role of a teacher and powerful new presence at Coal Hill School.

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This Week..

Geocaching and zombies

Scotts geocaching bag tips

BananaSource does something dumb with an “archived” geocache

Last Week..

Scott warned us that after so many episodes podcasting would become a chore.  After so many episodes it wasn’t podcast that became a chore, it was geocaching. Very little of note is happening in this space anymore. How can you tell?


Geocaching mentioned on IZombie

Everett Geocache Hunt Finds Explosives (From


Apparently Chicago and Detroit aren’t US states - thanks to Marcus Maximi and DarrylW4 for point this out to us.

Lucie Melen adds to the list of Doctor Who related Geocaches for Doctor D’s world tour.

I found a cache in Cardiff at the weekend that you would have liked!

GC1A119 - Who Was Here 3: The Runaway Nan-O What A Liberty

Another of the caches that take you to filming locations for the Doctor Who series, though in this case it was actually a Christmas Special (The Runaway Bride).

Ask Dr D..

Hello Dr D

I hope that you've enjoyed the Christmas season and that you got everything you ever wished for.

Well here's the thing. I was lucky enough to be given a brand new geocaching bag. My old one had served me for 5 years and had finally fallen apart, not helped by driven over by an idiot when I was out recently but that's another story.

I think that is is the time to have a good clear out of my old bag and only put into it things which I really need when I'm out geocaching. So here's my question, what should I put into my bag to ensure that I a) travel light but b) have everything I need?

Look forward to hearing intelligent, well considered input.




Dumb Stuff Geocachers Do..

From Marie Pickard

Dumb Stuff Geocachers do: leave a biro pen in their trouser pocket after a days caching = a load of washing ruined by ink!


BananaSource dumbly didn’t check a Geocaches status before deciding it was part of an archived series. Turning a short walk into a long walk, as he had to go back to put the cache in its hiding place.  GC4CT99 part of The Kids Collection in Diseworth

GeoPauls Video Of The Week..

Geocaching With My Dad by GeoPat92 

The Obligatory Doctor Who Bit..

Series 10 begins filming in May

Matt Smith is open to doing some Big Finish Doctor Who audio plays

Ask Dr D or share your feedback

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